Summer Weddings: Keeping makeup fresh and long lasting on hot summer days.

We all know that most brides want there wedding in the summer. This gives them a opportunity to capture beautiful pictures outside and a wider variety in venue choices. However the down side to an outdoor summer wedding is the sweaty people and the melting faces.  Fear no more, just follow these steps and I promise you will have a fresh, melt free flawless face all day long.


  1. Properly cleanse, tone and moisturize your face. This will balance your skin and prevent your face from producing extra oils. If you don’t moisturize, chances are you will look like a grease ball 3 hours into your day. Reason why? The more you deprive your skin of moisture the more oil it will produce. If you’re already moisturized your skin will shut off all signals of more oil production. Try something light and oil free. Treat and oily skin like a normal skin and it will eventually become a normal skin type. (make sure you moisturizer is sunscreen free, this causes your skin to look whiter than your body in pictures using flash.)
  2. Use a matifying face primer/eye primer. Primers are important. They work wonders if you use them correctly. Use the primer before your makeup application. Small amounts will go a long way and make sure you apply it evenly. Primer work like a base coat for paint. It keeps your makeup lasting longer and looking great. Smoothing out the texture of the skin and also holding the makeup that is applied on top.
  3. Don’t over do the foundation. Less is more. If you have imperfections that need to be covered use a waterproof concealer in those areas and go easy on the parts that don’t need the coverage. The foundation should be the tool you use to even out your skin tone to give your face unity.  Using less foundation will prevent you from cake face and your makeup from moving around. Try to use a foundation that is waterproof and oil free.
  4. Set your makeup. Not once, but twice, maybe even three times. Set your face with a loose matte setting powder. Make sure you use a powder puff and work the powder into the skin with pressing movements. Repeat 2-3 times. After this is done, Use a makeup setting spray all over the face let it dry and repeat. The makeup setting spray works like a hairspray for the face, holding everything in place and locking everything in.

Tips: Always have blotting paper with you. Try not to use blotting powder because that might build up and make your face look caked.


Follow these steps and I promise you fresh flawless skin on your special day.

Keeping you beautiful – Joan


~ by aglowbyjoan on July 25, 2012.

One Response to “Summer Weddings: Keeping makeup fresh and long lasting on hot summer days.”

  1. these steps are dead on, I do this on a regular basis, even if I get really hot outside when I cool down my face is pretty much still in place.

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