Lise Watier Hydrasmart 3d Hydration Tinted Veil.

Hello everyone! Lise Watier has introduced something perfect for the upcoming summer. Hydrasmart 3d Hydration Tinted Veil. Just incase you are confused about what this products is, my best way of describing it is a cross between a tinted moisturizer and a beauty balm (bb cream). It has slightly more coverage a tinted moisturizer  would, but not as much as most BB creams. I got a chance to use this at my mini long weekend getaway at the cottage and I loved it! My skin went super crazy in the wild and caused me extreme dryness and this baby kept me hydrated and comfortable all day! It also covered my imperfections that occurred while eating horrible food (by horrible I mean junk food lol ) for 3 days.

Hydrasmart 3d Hydration Tinted Veil is loaded with amazing ingredients to keep the skin soft, hydrated and young. Great for summer to make your tan last! Hydrasmart 3d Hydration Tinted Veil is $35 and 40ml you can get it on

This is a picture of me using the Hydrasmart 3d Hydration Tinted Veil with Powder and bronzer on top.

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~ by aglowbyjoan on April 11, 2012.

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