Urban Decay Naked 2!!!!

Urban decay has done it again!!! I was so impressed with the first one and now the naked 2 is even better. Thats what I think anyways. I feel that the colours are more neutral and easy to use. I also LOVE that the palette has a Matte Black. The naked 1 was a big hit in 2011 for all my brides and Im sure my brides this year will love naked 2 as well. This palette is so versatile and can create an endless amount of looks. Above is a fun everyday look I have created with the naked 2.

What I used :

Eyes| I used Foxy as a base all over my eyelids. In the middle of the eyelids I used a bit of Halfbaked. Then contoured the crease of my eyes with Busted and contoured the outer corner of my eyes with Blackout. Urban Decay Perversion eyeliner , Stila Liquid liner in Intense black.

Face| Smashbox Halo powder in Light, Tarte blush Dollface .

Lips| Nars lipgloss in Turkish delight.

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~ by aglowbyjoan on February 1, 2012.

4 Responses to “Urban Decay Naked 2!!!!”

  1. Hey Joan,

    It’s Julie, Jeff’s wife. Anyway, I just wanted to ask you if there is some type of serum that makes eyebrows grow faster and thicker. I have really thin eyebrows and I need them to grow in so that I can shape them to where they should be. I have a square face, can you help me?

    • Also, what kind of eyebrow pencil do you use? My hair is a really dark brown. I was reading one of your blogs saying that your eyebrows are supposed to be 2 shades lighter than your hair. I have no idea what color I should be using.

    • Hey Julie! Try Rapid lash! It works really well in growing back lashes and brows it will take about 3-6 weeks to see results. I use the Shu uemura eyebrow pencil in Seal grey. I find its best if you have dark colour hair. You can find this at holts. This is the only brow pencil i will use because it had a really soft finish and it lasts me bout 1.5 years and I use it everyday! I would love to help you out! just send me a email anytime. =)

      • Thanks a lot Joan, thank u for all the advice. I have no idea when it comes to make-up.

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