Happy Chinese New year! (makeup look) Ft: kkcenterhk lashes #A813

Happy Chinese new year to all my Asian friends! This year is the year of the dragon, which means its going to be a good year for everyone. My family is very big about recognizing where you came from and celebrating my roots. I created this look while watching chinese opera with my grandmother.

Here is an example of what the characters of chinese opera look like.

  The big challenge of chinese opera is that female roles are played by males and male roles are played by females. It is so incredible the transformation that both sexes go through to play these roles and also the countless hours of hair and makeup that needs to be done on them.







Here is the look that I have created.

Products used: Eyes| Bh Palette (Light pink, Shimmer pink, hot pink and black , Liquid Eyeliner from Lise Watier , Urban decay eye base, Anna sui Mascara.  Face| Georgio Armani silk foundation , Clarins Raspberry Blush. Lips| Clarins Red lipstick.

EYELASHES | from kkcenterhk center. http://www.kkcenterhk.com/

unique coupon code : BLGB629MI10
Coupon Amount : 10% Off
Thanks for reading and happy new year!!!

~ by aglowbyjoan on January 23, 2012.

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