The Natural Blushing Bride Makeup Ft Lise Watier Aquarella Spring Collection.

Since my undying love for Lise Watiers new Spring collection is so strong I have decided to incorporate this amazing collection into my bridal kit. Thus I have created this Natural Blushing Bride Makeup. My brides this year are a bit more daring than last year so I hope to use this collection on them. This look is for the brides that normally don’t wear any makeup and just want a little something different thats soft.

Here is what I used 

Face | For my face I used Lise Watier Teint Parfait 12 HRS glam flawless complexion Foundation and concerler duo. This is amazing for brides because it is super long lasting and no touch ups are required. The Blushed I used was Lise Waiter Menafe A Trois in Rose. (what a sexy name lol)

Eyes | To prime my eyes I used Lise Watier makeup base for eyes and lips, this will keep your makeup on longer lasting great for brides. For the eyeshadow I used Lise Watier limited edition Aquarella Quatour. I applied the yellow colour all over my eyelids and contoured slightly with the pink all across my eyelid crease and the dark purple concentrating on the outer corners. I then thinly lined my eyes with Lise Waiter Feline Hd eyeliner. To finish off my eyes I used Lise Waiter 24HRS Glam mascara because it is long lasting and tear proof. Perfect for brides!

Lips| These are the natural colour of my lips. I think they are pink enough for a bridal look. =)

And to FINISH OF THE LOOK, I used Lise Waiter Magnifix makeup setting spray. This will allow your makeup to last all day!!!!!


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