Nails : Easy do it yourself nail art! Funky French Tip.

I was sitting at home with my girlfriend last night and decide that I would do her nails for her. I created a really easy funky french tip look. It was super fun and only took about 20 min.

Here is what you will need :

–>Top coat

–> Nude Base color

–>2 Dark color Polish

–>3 light color polishes for striping (I used white,Pink,and tiffany blue)

–> Base coat

–> Thin brush for striping

Step 1 . Apply Base coat and Nude Polish on entire nail. (Im using Opi “pink with a touch of peach” for base coat I used Sally Hansen.)











Step 2. Apply the darkest colour on the tips of the nail. (I used a cheap blue sparkly polish  from forever 21)











Step 3. Now using another dark color, make a stripe right under the first stripe but not as thick as the first one. This is just for added color. (Im using Lise Watier Aquarella limited edition purple nail polish.) Remember, you can be messy with this because it’s going to be covered anyways.











Step 4. The fun part begins here!!! Now using your other three colors, stripe your nails. Be creative, the stripes can be as thin or thick  as you want. (I’m using a Tiffany green from Aritzia, Hot pink from Colorzone and a white striping polish from LA Color.)

Step 5. Apply Top coat and you are done! (for my top coat I used my all time fave top coat Seche vite!) DONE!











Thanks for reading!

Dont forget to check out my you tube channel. aglowbyjoan/missmakeupjoan




~ by aglowbyjoan on January 13, 2012.

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