HOW TO : Healthy, Longer, Faster growing hair.

Everyone wants to know why my hair grows so fast. Ill tell you why, because I was born this way. Justtttt Kidddinggg. The real reason why is because I wash my hair almost everyday. I know what all of you are thinking, washing your hair everyday is super drying and bad for you. This I know, however while I’m washing my hair everyday I’m able to massage it, which causes stimulation and then results in blood flow, which helps GROWTH! My hair is also super thick which means it takes me super long to wash it. Ill say around 30 min to wash, condition and rinse my hair. YES, I have to do this everyday and I hate it, but if I don’t my hair/head will smell disgusting and ill never be able to find a husband. LOL. This Thick head of hair is unbreathable and soaks up smoke, and any other disgusting smell like a sponge, thus the reason why I need to chronically wash it every single day.

Here are some pictures for the non believers. This was my hair 6-7 months ago, so ill say pretty much last summer.

And here I am in Jan 2012. LOOK HOW long my hair is now!!! I’m thinking at least 6 inches of growth. (ps: I really hate this picture because my face looks so fat)

So this is what I recommend if you want fuller, faster growing hair.

* Massage your head for 5 Min each night before you go to sleep.

* Brush you hair often throughout the day so you can get the blood flow moving.

* Take Silica. (This is really good for hair and nail growth)

* Take your Vitamins!!!

* You can also try using a Shampoo called fast. My friend used to use this and it worked wonders for her. Makes your hair grow super fast and healthy.

Hope this helps! For all those who want longer hair faster, REMEMBER ONLY 5 min a day OF STIMULATION in your scalp is all you need!

Thanks for reading!

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