Bigger, Brighter Eyes with Lise Waiter.

Lets get started!

Complexion: For my Face I’v used the Lise Waiter Teint Parfait 12 HRS Glam Flawless complexion Foundation and Concealer Duo. Then Contoured my face with Lise Waiter Havana Baked Bronzer.

Tip 1. Extending your eyes will make them look bigger, So by dragging your upper liner farther out then your actual eye, you can create a wider eye look. Do not wing out the liner too much if you are going for a more natural look. Remember to keep the liner thin, dark and not to fade it out. This can make your eyes look smaller.

I have used the Lise Waiter Encre Noire liquid eyeliner.

(My fave! its dark, matte and dries super fast!)



Tip 2. Use Lise Watier Waterproof Blanc eyeliner and fill in the bottom inner rims of your eyes. This will give the whites of your eyes a bigger circumference creating an illusion of bigger eyes. You can also use a white eyeshadow on top of the eyeliner if you like a bolder effect.






Tip 3. I highly recommend using a mascara on the bottom lashes. This will make your eyes look more opened. Make sure that the mascara is not clumpy and comb out the lashes very well. I’m using the Lise Waiter Feline HD Mascara. I love the brush because it separates my lashes perfectly and it is also smudgeproof.





Tip 4. A simple trick with mascara alone can make your eyes look wider. How? Apply more mascara at the outer corner of your eyes. Its almost like doing a winged eyeliner but with your mascara. Im using the Lise Waiter 24HRS Glam Mascara. It has a plastic brush and is waterproof.






Tip 5. Don’t forget that your eyebrows play a big part of how big or small your eyes can look. Highlight under your brows, this creates more space between your eyes and eyebrows creating the illusion of more room and wider eyes.






Note: The same rules to clothing, apply to make up. The darker the colours you wear the smaller your eyes will  look. So if you want your eyes to look bigger stay away from dark smokey colours!

Dont forget you can get any of the products i’v used at

Thanks for reading everyone!


~ by aglowbyjoan on December 9, 2011.

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