Review: Natural Lashes from KKcenterHK model # A856

First off I would like to thank KKcenterHK for sending me these great lashes to review. KKcenterHk is a company that carries all of your beauty needs. They literally have EVERYTHING. Including a huge selection of eyelashes, hundreds to choose from. OH and I almost forgot to mention that these lashes are super COST FRIENDLY! Prices range from $8-$20 depending on style for a BOX OF 10!

 The Lashes that I am wearing are model# A856.  Im totally obsessed with these lashes right now, Not only do they look supernatural but they also feel really light and comfortable. The band on the lash is also super thin so when they are applied you can hardly notice. I also really like how whispy the lashes look. Fuller at the base and super whispy at the ends make this lash perfect for someone who likes wearing lashes everyday.

I know all of you want to get in on this. Heres a coupon code for all my readers that would like to order.

Unique coupon code : BLGB629MI10  This offer ends Feb 28th 2012

Thanks for reading!


~ by aglowbyjoan on November 11, 2011.

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