Everyday smokey Lise Watier style.

So when everyone thinks of a smokey eye the image that usually pops into mind is a dark smoldering black smudged look all over the entire eye. Although I love this look it doesnt always look fantastic on everyone. So I thought  I`d create an everyday smokey eye look that everyone can wear, using different shades of brown, beige a hint of black.

How to get the look: Prime your eyes with Lise Watier eye and lip base. Now take the Lise Watier Folle loose mineral eyeshadow in 24 Carats and apply that all over your eyelids as the base colour. Using Lise Watier eyeshadow Quatuor in #151 Les Cuivres, take the medium brown colour and apply upwards from your lash till the crease of the eye. Make sure to blend so you don’t see any chunks of colour. After you have blended out the medium brown take the darker brown from the same palette and start applying that to the lashline working upwards also. Do not bring it all the way to the crease you want a fading gradient effect. Now using the Lise Watier Feline HD liner, line the eyes with a thin line across the lash line. Line the top and bottom eye rim with Lise Watier Kajal eyeliner in Nior and finish off with Lise Watier 24 HRS Glam mascara and your look is done! I’m also using the Lise Watier Bronze and Glow duo on my cheeks.

Thanks for reading!



~ by aglowbyjoan on August 31, 2011.

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