Lise Watier Saves summer makeup.

Summer’s here and the weather is getting hotter, everyone getting sweaty and what happens? Your makeup starts melting off, by mid day and all the foundation that you put  on your face this morning has oxidized and now you have become two shades darker. The eyeshadow you put on has creased and now you can’t even tell what color it is anymore. Everyone loves summer but makeup sure doesn’t. DONT WORRY! All these concerns can be fixed with three magic products from Lise Watier!

Lise Watier 3-in-1 Miracle Primer

There is no one magic formula to having flawless radiant skin. You see, there are two and you’ll find both in the 3-in-1 Miracle Primer. A translucent base instantly matifies and corrects your skin by minimizing the look of pores and fine lines. A coloured base corrects skin tone, illuminating your complexion. Wear them alone or combine them to optimize the matifying, correcting and illuminating effects. This miracle base will keep your making lasting longer and prevent oxidization! No more orange face!

Makeup Base for Eyes ans Lips

Ordinary eye and lip bases can leave your skin feeling greasy and uncomfortable. Lise Watier Makeup Base for Eyes and Lips is specially formulated with active extracts to fix eye Makeup and lipstick. leaving your skin feeling naturally smooth and silky. This base will not only keep your eyeshadow in place all day long, but will also make the colors of your shadow more vibrant. You can even apply it under your foundation for a long-lasting Makeup. Say goodbye to oily, creased lids!

Megnifix Makeup fixative with White tea

How can you possibly ensure long-lasting makeup AND protect your skin against the elements? Magnifix Makeup Fixative With White Tea. Not only does Magnifix set your makeup but the White Tea and Chitosan marine extracts protect your skin. While its softening and refreshing agents impart an immediate and almost profound sense of well-being . Its full of antioxidants that fight free radicals (the bad stuff that makes you age and breaks down your collagen).  That’s why it’s so suitable for sensitive skin.  It’s also dermatological tested and paraben free. Just spray this all over your face after completion of makeup and you will have long lasting results all day long!

With these three products, your summer makeup will be perfect at all times. =)

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