Velour Mink Lashes!!!

Thank you Mabel from Velour Mink Lashes, for the chance to try your NEW awesome line of mink lashes! I can only use one word to describe these lashes. AMAZING! They look natural, they’re feather light and most importantly, LONG LASTING! Velour Mink Lashes are hand-made and use the best quality of 100% mink hair . They also provide lower lashes!

My main concern when it comes to false lashes is how much use I can get out of one pair. As a makeup artist I use false lashes almost everyday and it can be very expensive to use a new pair everyday. On an average my one pair of lashes will give me about 5-10 uses. I’ve now used my Velour Mink Lashes everyday for the past two weeks and they still look brand new. I’m very impressed with this since the lashes that usually last me a long time are plastic synthetic lashes.

I really like the packaging for Velour lashes. In order to take good care of your lashes remember to place them back in the box when you are done with them daily, this insures that your lashes stay in good shape and don’t get messy. Also because Mink lashes are from a natural origin try not to use mascara on them, this will prolong their lifespan.

I have gotten SOOOO many compliments wearing these lashes. The other day at  work  4 clients asked me where my  lashes were from, of course we don’t sell them so I told them that they would be out very soon! I’m in love,  that’s all I can say. I’ll be wearing these lovely lashes to the MMVA’s June 19th ! I’m excited  for this launch of Velour lashes. I highly recommend these for everyone, especially BRIDES! You will not be sorry! These lashes are a great investment!

Now go and get your own!!!


~ by aglowbyjoan on June 14, 2011.

2 Responses to “Velour Mink Lashes!!!”

  1. I just wanted to know what glue do you use? I find the quo glue is too hard to remove.

  2. I use the duo lash glue. I think i like this glue the best. Trying soaking some eye makeup remover first and then removing them. =)

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