Lise Watier 24hrs Glam – Cleopatra look

YES! Iv cut off all my hair! RIP to  18 inches of my hair. Now im rocking the bob! Still adjusting to it, so what better way to express my new hair with a new Cleopatra inspired look using LISE WATIER’s 24hrs GLAM LINE.

Note: I want to thank the lovely and most generous Karine from Lise Watier for sending me all the goodies that i’ve used to create this look. Thank you ever so much! ❤

Heres a listing of the products.

DUO Shadow & Glitter in Golden Taupe – 25$

24 HRS Glam Mascara in Black – 21$

24 HRS Glam Eyeliner in Black – 21$

Lipstick DUO in Pink Hibiscus – 27$

Just incase you’re wondering, the Mascara and Eyeliner are both super long-lasting and smudge resistant. When I first tried the eyeliner on my hand I couldn’t rub it off for almost the whole day until I washed it off. They liquid liner also has mini sliver sparkles in it. SO pretty!


Steps to get the look.

Step 1.  Duo Shadow and glitter. I used the cream shadow that is located in the top compartment all over my eyelid as a base colour.

Step 2. Next I took a slightly shimmer medium brown shadow  and put that over my entire lid. Then I used a darker brown at the outer corners of my eye and blended inwards just for a contoured effect.

Step 3.  I used the cream shadow from the duo and patted that all over my eyelids and under eye area to make it tacky so that  the glitter part of the duo would stick.

Step 4. Then  I put the glitter all over my eyelids and lower eye area. Lined my eyes with the 24 hour liquid liner, top and bottom and to finish off with the 24 hour mascara.

Step 5. I used the gloss part of the Duo glam rouge infini all over my lip and then used a bit of the lipstick on top.


I really love the packaging of these products. They are so cute and great for your purse!

BIG Thank you to Lise Watier Cosmetics and thank you for reading everyone!

❤ Joan


~ by aglowbyjoan on April 18, 2011.

3 Responses to “Lise Watier 24hrs Glam – Cleopatra look”

  1. Really Sexy Look Joan! Love it! and the Hair!

  2. You used everything so well! And it’s great to know that it’s so smudge resistant! I will definitely be making my first Lise watier purchase soon!

  3. LOL at thelast pic. 🙂

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