Lashes are the new crave! everyone’s doing it. False lashes , eyelash extensions and Lash growth enhancement serums. Why? Lashes open up your eyes and make the look bigger and brighter.

First, lets learn how to apply lashes. You can watch my mini video here. ( my hair looks really messy in the video and my skin looks really blotchy because I had just returned from vacation when I filmed this.)

Lets get started.

This is for all the girls that use False lashes regularly. What do you do when your lashes become old and don’t look as fresh as when you got them? You layer them and make a new set of customized lashes! This is a super easy project and all you need is your old false lashes and some lash glue.

Step 1. Collect two pairs of old lashes. Use a thicker pair and a thinner one.

Step 2. Now put glue on the rim of the thicker lashes and place the thinner lashes right on top. Allow the glue to dry.

Step 3. Your lashes are now done! Easy right?

Tips: Try using two styles of lashes when you are layering to give you a more natural effect. Unless you love super full lashes, then you can layer the same one on top of each other. You can even extend your false lashes by glueing the lower section of your lash layer farther away from the rim.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Joan


~ by aglowbyjoan on April 18, 2011.

2 Responses to “DIY LASHES!!”

  1. Hey Joan, love your site!
    I tried eyelash extensions in Korea and it really opened up my eyes (I have small eyes so..) and now I want to try the fake ones at home..
    Question: Should put on my eyeliner/eye makeup first before putting on the lashes?
    Question 2: Would you recommend a type of glue or are they all pretty much the same?

    • HEYYY JANET! always put the makeup on first and then the eyelashes! so you dont mess them up and they will last you many wears! i would use duo. Its worked the best for me. ORRRRRRRRR, u can even use eyelid glue. that shit is cray! makes them stay all day and night. Remember to soak off before you peel off so that you dont rip your lashes off. xoxox =) hope this helps!

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