The face to “die” for.

Whats one thing that every woman wants?  The perfect face shape.  How are we going to achieve this? CONTOUR AND HIGHLIGHT!

Now, before you contour and highlight your face you must remember one thing. Please apply your products sparingly, failure to do so will result in muddy, streaky and noticeably “cakey” face.  Remember to blend, blend, blend.

Note : This is just a guideline of where your contour and highlight is supposed to go. Your makeup should never look like this. (this picture was taken from Kevin Aucoin’s book Face forward.)

Contour : The colour of your contour should only be 1-2 shades darker. I suggest using a powder foundation that is darker, just make sure you stay in the same skin tone category. A bronzer can also be used as long as it’s not an orange colour/shade, make sure your contour is MATTE.

Everyone has a different face shape, that should be the basis of where you want/need to highlight and contour. It’s really easy to determine how to do this. Think of the contour color as an eraser. Apply contour to areas of the face that you want to diminish or make smaller. For example: if you have a wide-set face, you’ll want to apply the contour on the outside regions of your face to make your face look thinner. Just remember to follow the picture above as a guideline so you don’t look crazy. You can also use Contour to create Depth to the face.

Key areas are :

Your nose area. Many asian’s do this because of our flat, less defined features. You have to be very careful with this, I see to many asian girls that over do it and just end up looking stupid. With makeup less is more.

Under your Chin. You can create a thinner and longer neck by doing this. People with double chins, this will save your life.

Highlight: The colour of your highlight should be 2-3 shades lighter than you skin tone. You want to stay away from anything too light because it may look chalky. Personally, I like to use products that are high in frost for highlighting because it give a glow and you use less of it. Frosty colours are also easier to blend and more mistake proof due to the high opacity of them.

Key areas are :

Under the eyebrows. This will lift your eyes and make them look open as well.

Down the center of your nose. This will make you nose look higher which result in a smaller looking face and smaller looking nose.

Your cupid’s bow on your upper lip. Highlighting this part will make your lips look fuller and plump. (It’s really sexy for evening.)

On your cheek bones. I don’t need to explain this one; everyone wants higher, model like cheekbones right?

Look what highlight and contour can do for you.

This is an excellent example of contour and highlight. I don’t even need to explain, you can pretty much see everything that’s been done.

Product suggestions

Highlight: Nars Albatross, Mac Mineralized skin finish, Elf Gotta Glow, Makeup forever star powders in Pearl Gold 902, White/Pink 943, benefit High beam.

Contour: Makeup forever contour kits, Nars Laguna, Tarte Park princess bronzer.

Thanks for reading. ❤ Joan


~ by aglowbyjoan on March 21, 2011.

4 Responses to “The face to “die” for.”

  1. I’m gonna try this so I can be beautiful and contoured, thanks Joan ❤

  2. Wow this is a very informative blog post. Esp the pix of J.Lo brought it home. Contouring is something i never do, but I’ll try now!

  3. How come I try your tip and I no look like JLo. Can you do my face?

  4. Thanks 🙂

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