Eyebrows can make or break how polished you look.

Everyone who knows me, knows that I am completely obsessed with having perfect eyebrows. When I was younger, I over plucked my eyebrows and had them really thin. As I look back at my pictures, I realize how foolish I looked. Not only did the thin eyebrows make my face look bigger, but also made my makeup look really unnatural.  Eyebrows are so important to me!  They can really make or break your look.

Example : look at Eva Longoria without eyebrows. Looks really weird right? (MAKE OR BREAK YOU!)


The guide

Here are the basics

The black line is an indicator of where your eyebrows should start. Draw a line starting for the outside edge of your nose upwards and that’s where your eyebrow should start.

The grey line is an indicator of where your eyebrow should end. Draw a line starting from the outer corner of your nose and match the line to the outside corner of your eye. This is where your eyebrow ends.

The white line is an indicator of where the arch in your eyebrow should be. This line should start in the middle of your nose and meet in the middle of the pupil of your eye.

These steps are really basic , you can always send me a message if you have further questions.

Drawing brows

Should you use Powder or Pencil?

This really depends on how much brow you naturally have. If you have a fuller brow, all you really need is powder to fill it in.  Any area that you have no hair, you’re going to want to use a pencil. You can also use both in combination to create the ultimate eyebrow! Use the powder to fill in the starting point of the eyebrow and the pencil to fill in the ends. This will create excellent dimension since powders are usually less pigmented than pencils. The key to the perfect eyebrow is dimension!

How to draw your eyebrows

One thing that I want to make clear is that natural hair does not look bold and full colored.  It looks airbrushed because of the natural spacing of hair in the brows. So the worst thing you can do is draw you eyebrows completely filled in.

like this……………….

We can all agree that this doesn’t look so nice and nothing close to natural. Theres a few reasons why.

We can all agree that this doesn’t look so nice and nothing close to natural. There are a few reasons why:

1. Her eyebrow is darker than her hair. This is a big mistake that people make. Your natural brows are never darker. They should always be the same color or lighter (I usually like my brows one or two shades lighter).

2.  Her brows have no gradient flow like a natural brow.  Always have the front of your brows a bit lighter and the ends a bit darker to give you brow depth.

3.  Her brows are too thin. They are the same size from start to end and the thickness is unflattering to her face. Her brows make her face look fatter than it actually is.


– When you’re filling in your brows with a pencil try to use short upward strokes, drawing mini mock hair lines. Try to use a lighter shade to avoid making it look harsh. This is how I can get my brows to look thick but at the same time not dark or fake. It also helps to use a brow brush afterwards to brush out any extra product.

– Your brows should always be thicker at the start and thinner at the end. It will help give dimension to your face.

Depending on your face shape, you’re going to want to draw your brows differently.

If you have a really strong structured face you want to stay away from a squared starting point. Something rounder will soften your face and make your face look less boxy.

If you have  very soft features with very little jaw structure, you’ll want the starting point of your brows to be more squared  to balance your face.

I can talk about eyebrows for days! Let me know if you have questions!

Thanks for reading!

❤ Joan


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16 Responses to “Eyebrows can make or break how polished you look.”

  1. Wow thanks !

  2. What are the best products for brow pencils? I alway end up getting the ones that look greyish in the sun

  3. What eyelashes are you wearing in your picture of the close up of your eye? so nice!

  4. Haha I’m just the same with eyebrows!
    This has been really helpful! Thanks =)

  5. i have quite the obsession with eyebrows, too. i love tweezing and tend to over-tweeze my own eyebrows. i’m not too concerned with keeping them thin, just clean looking and nicely shaped. i like a severe arch. could you advise me on what shape would suite my face shape best? here are a few pictures that are pretty straight on:

    • Hey lily! you already have a great shape! however i would try drawing your brows a bit closer together. This will slim down your face and give you a more sculpted look. Also try going a bit thicker, It would look amazing on your because you have an amazing jaw line. Hope this helps =) cheers.

  6. How long does it takes for eyebrow to grow?? As in if you did some threading??

  7. […] you have any shaping questions about brows you can read my other blog about eyebrow shaping. <—— click […]

  8. Hello, this was really helpful on how to get the perfect shape, but I’m terrible I shaved my eyebrows off so I could draw the perfect eyebrow, and I use a dark brown eyebrown pencil and draw them on, and my hair is platnuim blonde so it looks terrible, how long does it take for eyebrows to grow back? And also any suggestions on what colour eyebrow pencil I can use until they do, pref not one that looks ginger in any light? X

    • hey Holly! eyebrows will take about 3-6 months to fully grow back! Try to use a light taupe colour to fill them and and remember to use brush strokes when drawing so they dont look harsh. Cheers, Joan

  9. Hopfully you can still help me but what do I use to draw in my eye brows? Like what brand or type would be best

    • If you already have brows use powder, if not then use a pencil. Remember to never use shades that are darker then your hair, unless you are blonde. Hope this helps!

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