Perfect airbrushed Complexion = blend !

Why doesn’t your makeup look fresh and flawless?

Three key reasons why : Too much colour, too much texture , too many hard edges and angles.

Flawless makeup can only be achieved when you pay attention to detail.

Flawless foundation : Find the right type of foundation that suits your skin type. Is your skin dry? Normal/combination or oily?  Do you have discolouration? You need to ask yourself these questions before you go out and buy a foundation.


Oily skin : MakeupForever Matte velvet foundation , Clarins Truly Matte , Nars sheer matte.

Dry skin: Nars sheer glow, Laura Mercier silk creme, Stila Illumination Foundation.

Normal/combination: Sephora brand HD Foundation , Makeup Forever HD Foundation, Lancome Tinte Idole.

What about Face primers?  Face Primers play a big part in having flawless skin. They keep your makeup lasting longer, some can control the secretion of natural oils from your face which will prevent your foundation from changing color throughout the day, and they also provide a smooth surface for your foundation to sit on. Some may also fill in pores.

* All face primers will improve the overall texture of your skin.


Oily skin: Pore-fection by Benefit, Smashbox Photo Finish Light foundation primer, Clarins instant smooth.

Dry skin: Laura Mercier Hydrating primer, Makeup Forever Instant Radiance Hydrating Serum HD Elixir.

Normal/combination: Laura Mercier original formula primer , Stila one step , Nars Pro-Prime.

Note: Face primer cannot be a substitute for face cream. You still need to use a good moisturizer before your primer.

Application method : Always blend in downward strokes with your foundation because it prevents the product from getting into your pores. Do not use upward strokes.  You always want to start at the center of your face and work outward so you get a seamless finish. If you need more coverage in one spot use a sponge and pat in that area. Set with POWDER (this is a key point if you want your makeup to last all day and not rub all over your clothing).


~ by aglowbyjoan on February 27, 2011.

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  1. Love your blog… and your picstures HOT

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