CLARISONIC is amazing!

So ive been using the Clarisonic mia for about 2 weeks now and i LOVE it! It makes my skin so smooth, soft and most importantly SUPER CLEAN! Im really big on my skin being in top condition, since i wear makeup almost everyday, so i really make sure i take everything off properly before i go to bed. Ill usually use a makeup remover first, wash my face with a cleaning oil and then use my Clarisonic. Even then, after all that cleansing i still see stuff come off my face when i use the Clarisonic. I love how you can buy diffrent brush heads for the Clarisonic depending on your skin type. OHHHH look at the smoothness. ps: i have powder and bronzer on tho. =D


~ by aglowbyjoan on February 10, 2011.

One Response to “CLARISONIC is amazing!”

  1. We are so happy to hear that you love your new Clarisonic Mia. Your skin is looking absolutely fantastic! If you ever have questions you can find us on Twitter @Clarisonic and We’d love to chat more with you and hear your thoughts. Happy Cleansing!

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