Adding abit of colour.

HIIIII peoples! EVERYthing i used for this look is makeup forever.!!!!! so here’s what i used.

The blue shade is one of makeup forever cream shadows in navy blue. (these have crazy intensity and very waterproof) The gold shade is Makeup forevers Metallic powers in shade #3. I also used abit of black at the end corners of my eyes just for the faded effect. Im all about blending my colours together. The black i used was from mac. The whole look actually looks alot brighter in real life but my camera sucks! lol and heres how i achived my look.

1. always use a base. I put the Metallic colour all over my lid and all around on ENTIRE eye.

2. Then i used the blue cream colour and put it at the end corners of my eye and worked inwards. (work fast with this because it drys really fast!)

3. Then i took a random dark blue shadow from my costal scents palette and blended it with the blue cream colour. I did this because creams can look blotchy and the shadow smooths it out and makes it look more blended.

4. Take the blue cream and put it at the bottom and do the same with the blue shadow.

5. Take abit of black shadow and now put it in the crease. (just abit)

6. Line the inner top and bottom water line with black.

(oh i also used abit of gold at my bottem outer corner under the blue to brighten up the eye, but u cant really see that in the picture. )

DONE and DONE enjoy!


~ by aglowbyjoan on November 24, 2010.

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